Over the years, we have heard from politicians, academics and media pundits telling us all about the differences between economic systems. While certainly it’s somewhat different paths to follow but what always matters is how economics affects and its effects on common folk.
History tells us that royals morphed the ability to exchange products to money by setting prices and the ability to trade within the state from closed to even state sanctioned monopolies. The merchant class rose by cornering the markets and becoming the middle men between producers and consumers by means of distribution as populations increased. Merchants eventually became powerful enough by paying “taxes” to the royal state and in some cases financing small armies to further their agendas. As long as royals benefitted from this system without having to “dirty” their proverbial hands this system went on for centuries.
In turn, money became the mediating factor between consumers and producers. Its value was determined in large part by being portable enough to represent a bushel of grain for example in exchange for a coin. Labor was devalued since individual worth depended on the ability to produce profits. Eventually, the monetary system morphed into paper backed by some metal or some value such as land or even people, better known as the corporation.
Modern times has seen a further development where money became merely paper or contracts backed solely by “trust.” Fiat currency expanded the money supply so that inflation was built into the system and thus labor became less “worthy” than the ability to hold paper representing the profit of those who held the contract.
Each laborer became a cog in the machine of the corporate state which was guaranteed profits from that labor. In turn labor was expected to consume products which enhanced those holding the paper power.
The politicians, academics and media pundits sold this latest morphed fiat system as capitalism. Eventually a system known as communism was touted as the antithesis to capitalism in which labor was supposedly guaranteed an “equal” or adequate share.
All this was essentially a big lie. Labor and common folk were then required to line up behind one system or another, like religion, depending on where one was born and where one died. These two systems were designed to create animosity between states so that the elites could carry on their long tradition of devaluing labor that produced all the “profits.” And that is where we are today.

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“I see reality as ultimately a great mystery that will never be fully known (and I feel humbled and awed and reverent of this concept). Knowledge is better expressed as experiential knowing, if we really want to learn, and the way to this is through our sensings, feelings, imaginings, thoughts, and ultimately as a personal expression of this knowing,” writes Nancy Ellen Peden in her book, “Who’s in Charge of My Life? Discovering the Magic of Learning with Yourself and Others: An Experiential Education Program for All Ages.”
This treatise is a primer for those who see contemporary educational systems as a regurgitation of facts and tests. Peden views education as something that should be enjoyed, that groups can do to make their learning processes more meaningful.
Many in the educational system view children as “little adults” who should do as their elders want- this becomes not a system of learning but a power play between adults and children.
Peden hopes to change this thinking by proposing making the resistance to learning something children and even young adults a more fun and rewarding experience. She proposes that groups be formed that facilitate simple exercises that are easy to lead for “facilitators” instead of the stodgy “teacher” label used today.
She notes, for example, that “One article recently has suggested that just adding a couple of ten-minute play breaks can assist children who are diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD.” Sitting at a chair staring a blackboard can be very dull for any child.
Many children are rebellious and rightly so of authoritarianism which has permeated our society. “While therapy is OK, I consider mental illness to be rooted in the lack of love, attachment, and abuse as a child, and these can be dealt with in community settings. Unless there is no other choice, I recommend no one ever be drugged.”
She also states that “Life is a process more than a goal. The wisdom is found in knowing our own selves, minds, bodies, and creative spirits and in the ability to interact with others effectively.”
This book is a seminal look at the process of facilitating learning by getting to know the difference between being a test taker and creating an atmosphere of trust, of honesty, of knowledge that should be the goal of every educator.

Nancy Ellen Peden, “Who’s in Charge of My Life? Discovering the Magic of Learning with Yourself and Others: An Experiential Education Program for All Ages” by Nancy Ellen Peden


The problem is that our politicians have given the green light to insurance companies to raise rates because it’s essentially unrelgulated. It’s okay to raise rates to pay for executives to make millions or for hospitals to charge 200 dollars for a box of Kleenex. Back to the analogy that for every percentage of profit and every corporation’s executives making millions, rates go up not only in healthcare but every sector of the economy. You know until 1973 it was illegal to make money- healthcare was nonprofit. This country thinks and supports politicians and corporations who think there must be a profit in everything. Yet, people complain but keep voting for the same fools and expect this to change. This country is moving towards a monopolization of every sector of the economy. They’ll dictate just how much you pay for every blade of grass, every sip of water and even the air you breathe. And you’ll call it “freedom.”

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“When Lord Protector Cromwell announced the Enclosure Act, which allowed landowners to cordon off public lands for their own use, the Diggers responded by digging the soil (hence their name) and planting a garden in the Commons Area. Their defiance provoked the wrath of Cromwell and his Roundheads, who charged the upstarts with “encouraging the looser and disordered sort of people into greater boldness.” The ministers began exhorting their congregations to go out and give the troublemakers hell, and a wave of bloody repression ensued. Like their British forebears, the San Francisco Diggers believed that the world was run by a cabal of greedy liars and thieves. It was downright foolish to expect the perpetrators to redress the ills they had created, for to deal with a system that was rotten to the core— either by fighting it or joining it— could only lead to further corruption.”
“If you wanted a better world, the Diggers maintained, then it was up to you to make it happen, because no one else— least of all the fraudulent politicians— would hand it over on a silver platter. To take back what was rightfully theirs, people had to assume their own freedom in the here and now: “No frozen moments for tomorrow’s fantasy revolution!” The Diggers went about their business as if utopia were already a social fact and everyone were free. They chided other lefties for being stodgy, dull, and fixated on social models (Cuba, China, Vietnam) that had little relevance to the situation in the United States.”
““Western society has destroyed itself,” stated the Digger Papers. “The culture is extinct. Politics are as dead as the culture they supported. Ours is the first skirmish of an enormous struggle, infinite in its implications.””
“They insisted that any hippie worth his salt had to drop out of America’s true national pastime— the money game. “The US standard of living is a bourgeois baby blanket for executives who scream in their sleep…Our fight is with those who would kill us through dumb work, insane wars, dull money morality.””
“On one occasion a journalist from the Saturday Evening Post dropped by the Free Store and asked to speak with the manager. He was told that the manager was a shy person who didn’t like to answer questions but would make an exception in this instance. The man from the Post was then introduced to a Newsweek reporter who had been told the same thing. The two press stiffs questioned each other in a corner for twenty minutes before discovering that they’d been duped.”
“The Diggers countered by organizing a feed-in on the steps of City Hall. They dished out free spaghetti and meat sauce to government workers and circulated a leaflet that read, “Say if you are hungry, we will feed you, and if you are tired, we will give you a place to rest. This is to affirm responsibility. We merely provide food, shelter and clothing because it should be done.””

Martin A. Lee, Bruce Shlain “Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond”

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I get a good laugh out of right wingers or as I prefer, regressives, who claim to be so macho. And why I do is because they are so spineless when it comes issues such as how they treat their women and more importantly in many ways how they cave in on matters of money and finance. Regressives have no problem with the elites essentially stealing the futures of their family by the financial shenanigans of today’s libertarianism. Regressives extol the cause of “freedom” as more and more deregulation literally takes the food out of their family’s mouths. These spineless wonders like the idea apparently of “Big Brother” tightening the noose of individual liberty around their necks while thinking they are “free” as more and more big corporations essentially steal their wages for good honest work by suppressing unions (Right-to-Work laws). These same corporations can enhance their profits by denying people livable wages in their relentless pursuit of suppression. And regressives think they are “free.”

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Increasingly, we have become a “kill or die” world. Fueled by the simple fact hypocrisy has become the rallying cry of the fascist, we hear all the time about the “sanctity of life” from religious and political systems. This is a failure of the human psyche- criminal behavior epitomized by the ability of the few to control the lives of the many. And I say criminal because anytime you have the same people who support a system that allows people to die simply by taking the food out of the mouths of children, women and men just so a few can live luxurious lifes of comfort while others starve or die because of no health care.
Hypocrisy comes into the picture because there are millions of excuses of why some people should have short or miserable lives of desperation. Usually racism is the number one excuse. While racists may be a vast minority, these cheerleaders of hypocrisy influence others by deceiving them for their support through seemingly unrelated policies. This boils down to the rights of the few being more important that the rights of the many to even live.

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I was born in Virginia and I’ve seen it all. Part of growing up is to get an education and continue to study history, politics and on and on. I don’t see that continuing in the typical conservative/regressive citizen. At one time, conservatives were pretty knowledgeable and had valid concerns. Today the GOP could wrap a turd in a ribbon and people would vote for it. The future- considering 1/3 will lose their jobs due to automation of trucks/cars- and another 1/3 due to electing politicians of both parties who continue to give tax breaks and subsidies to corporations who outsource their jobs will wish they had a safety net. You can call me all the names you want but that doesn’t take away my message or of other leftists. The left has been right about the costs of war and built in profit margins and passing on liabilities to the taxpayer since Vietnam and before. Ignorance is no excuse for what’s coming?- the world will not stand by while we continue to bomb and invade so corporations can make profits…so yea, defend regressives all you want- it won’t change a thing. What will change is when people no longer have anything at all, can’t feed their children or have a job. Desperate people will seek desperate solutions.
As far as regressives needing help they continue to vote against their own economic self interests so that makes them stupid and ignorant- or as my mother used to say “cut off your nose to spite your face…”

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Economics is far too complicated to put the blame on any one factor or politician. Much however, can be traced to Wall Street and the more unregulated they become the less likely anyone can break into “millionaire” status. It’s simplistic to say “stop blaming everyone else for your life.” As more and more people come onto the job market, the value of labor becomes less and less. Being poor is a closed cycle, especially with children, because there is no money made by children- they are the bottomless pit. Other factors which I touched on previously is the ownership of one’s home. Without the equity built up, the ability to borrow on it, most lower class folks will never be able to start a business, however modest it will be. Economics has to be an open equation because the more money circulated, the more jobs created, the more businesses started, the more taxes collected the better for everyone, including rich folks. Our economy is a closed system as wealth generated by rich folks doesn’t trickle down, it’s in banks, used to borrow more for investments and salted away in tax havens. Try borrowing a million dollars on a minimum wage salary. The Federal Reserve is also a factor as it is my belief that fiat money is a fool’s game. There should be no more money created except what is needed to balance the budget and pay off the debt, which is why money should only be created yearly by the government and limited to what is needed to run the government. It would make the value more stable which would help fight inflation. Even what I am saying is simplistic enough without rhetoric that you can control your own life- you can’t because there are so many factors the least of which are natural disasters, wars and even every day to day catastrophes.

Just look at the GOP policies- no birth control, no abortions- they expect people to have many babies like they worked on farms and their children dying at an early age. They want families to be tied down in an economic sinkhole, they are easier to control that way. The GOP wants you to hit the ground running where you have no chance to think, to ponder, to study life. Most progressive ideas are formulated thinking of solutions- Newton sitting under the apple tree for example. Until the yoke of medieval thinking is broken once and for all, we will always be a violent nation.


GOP propaganda puts forth the notion they want to encourage “freedom.” But what do they really mean? The truth is that they want to deregulate banks, corporations, give public lands to companies and eliminate pollution controls…in other words give corporations the “freedom” to squeeze every dollar they can from American peoples’ assets and do so without any kind of responsibility to keeping the environment clean or equitable growth.
However, when it comes to individuals’ freedom, they want to regulate who you marry, who controls your body, your sex life, your ability to earn a livable wage even what religion you practice- in short, they want to control you with some of the most obnoxious and draconian laws ever on the books. And that is called “freedom.”

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“As the intelligence systems online gathered ever more data, new forms of guidance began to emerge. Social media created filters…complex algorithms that looked at what individuals liked, and then fed more of the same back to them.
In the process, individuals began to move, without noticing, into bubbles that isolated them from enormous amounts of other information. They only heard and saw what they liked. And the news feeds increasingly excluded anything that might challenge preexisting beliefs.”

Hypernormalisation, Adam Curtis BBC documentary