While I believe there’s a God or creator, religion is designed to subjugate people to authority that has no morals or ethics. God doesn’t need prayer or worship which are silly notions originating in the mind of man not based on any evidence but erroneous thinking that God is some drama queen micromanaging lives with rewards or punishments. Our world is based on the laws of physics such as for every action there is a reaction. And the discovery of nanoparticles will require a reevaluation of even our conception of the universe. Turns out our universe is some sort of hologram which begs the question of what reality truly is…

The photo above is of gold nanoparticles

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I think of Gandhi when asked about Western civilization replied, “It would be a good idea.”

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Club of Rome

For me men are nothing but a brain at one end, and a shit factory at the other.

Aurelio Peccei, founder Club of Rome

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Money is wasted on the rich…

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Robin Williams

Robin Williams suggested that we change the Mason-Dixon line to the Manson-Nixon line…

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Levenda III

It may be, without subtle and extensive psychic preparation, any widening of experience and consciousness is destructive for most people.

Peter Levenda Sinister Forces III

TomTom Rider

Levenda III

When Jehovah himself is capable of so much bloodshed, so much vast destruction, what then is evil?

Peter Levenda, Sinister Forces III

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