An uninformed electorate is essential to a democracy.

Ralph Woods, American humorist

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Both the left and right believe that exposure to each others’ views will convert them. My own view is that you are either left or right, depending on your level of empathy. This doesn’t account for moderates of course but then I believe most moderates are really leftists- they just don’t know it…lol. In my college days, I thought you could convert people from right to left, but as I have found out change only occurs through laws or education that sets the norm to the left. People (left or right) will drag their feet against whatever the norm but most no matter which philosophy aren’t activists either way. The natural state of people is no doubt conservative which explains the mess humanity is constantly in….(And don’t tell me communists are leftists because authoritarian governments have no empathy at all…)

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I haven’t been to the movies for at least 20 years. I gave up with all those small screens, constant chatter in the audience and idiots talking on their cell phones. I miss the old days with the big screens and chewing gum on the seats and the floor…

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If you take the time and study what has been released from CIA/military and other agencies, you will see the effort to invent the perfect soldier to do others’ bidding without any sense of good/evil. That has been has been a major effort. Anybody can see the effect on the conservative mind of politics- the lack of empathy, the lack of social skills, the lack of incentive to get an education and be informed. This is the proverbial “zombie” (which Brian Eno says requires “dedication”) and is the fabric of modern ‘Murica….

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In the rendition of Exodus alone, you’d think that the Egyptian people would have converted to Judaism because of God’s miracles…


I enjoy a good laugh especially in the doublespeak of today’s country.  The Florida Farm Bureau has been touting GMOs as the greatest thing since chemical and biological warfare. There’s an article that laments that a professor at University of Florida “received a series of threatening messages,” along with “Baseless charges of corporate influence over the teaching, research and public service by an expert…” on GMOs resulted in a donation of 25,000 dollars by Monsanto to counter these charges. The professor declined the money and donated all of it to the university’s food pantry…

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If we have to punitively tax corporations and the rich to make income livable and ensure everyone in the USA can live decently, so be it. Corporations will piss and moan and threaten but they need the buying power of Americans (you realize that the top tax was 91% in 1960.) No matter what you think if there is no middle class the power of the lowest untouchable in India or China or elsewhere, for example, is reduced because their future is dependent on being able to market to affluent people en masse. In comparison, fewer profits are made on elite products.
The Industrial Age was all about mass consumerism as is today in our post-industrial world. Sane economics requires greater circulation of money even if it is in your hands for a split second. I would have, if I was running the show, bailed out the middle class in 2008-2009. That money could have reduced individual debt and freed millions of people with more money to spend even though banks, Wall Street, et al, would have ended up with the money, which they did anyway…the elites get their pound of flesh no matter, so you have to at least make them use pain killers…lol…

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It’s not a question of where or which century do we go but what do we do now? Blacks never stopped being the whipping boys before and since the Civil War but civil rights made it by law that blacks had to be hired at least in government and in big corporations. It’s erroneous to believe that civil rights laws made everything equal.

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The other thing I forgot to mention was that in the 70s I started noticing that Industrial Parks were changing from small manufacturing units to warehouses. This was about the time that Nixon went to China to open up “trade” or in other words with technology- a few technicians and an assembly line of unskilled workers could be transported anywhere in the world. When I was a kid Japan was the big producer of cheap goods- that all changed when the senior Bush became ambassador to China.

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