In the nation of ideas, one must have a thick skin.

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In politics as in life we live in a state of illusion. We, depending on our life views, support candidates closest to our views. Some prefer the illusion of limited or no government at all, while others realize that government warts and all is the best chance for individuals to have some effect on the quality of life for all of us. Realistically we should understand the imperfections of even believing that “a square deal and a sporting chance” will be affected to each of us. Obviously a very small minority controls the lurch of civilization forward. Many are disillusioned by the result of some political act which determines the quality of life. We take what we can get, limited by those who have given up the idea that mankind is one big family and that being so, prefer to divide based on some delusional differences, such as the color of one’s skin or sexual preferences. Depending on the degree of disagreements, which are nothing more than illusions of man made separations designed to allow a very small minority to control those not astute enough “to stop the world” and ponder their position in the universe. Desperate people commit murder, mayhem on others to feed the illusion that they have actually done something. People labor under the illusion that if one believes in good without actually doing any good they are “good.” We see this all the time on all spectrums of social thought. People plunge into unattainable positions by inflicting the worse on their perceived opponents without understanding the irreversible damage they do to their souls. Those that understand this should not give up the idea that we can move the median point of loving and helping each other to some point where each of us is guaranteed acceptable minimums needed to exist and grow as humans. Anything less is unacceptable.

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Reading a bio of Alfred Hitchcock and in one of his early films, there was a line-  “a square deal and a sporting chance.” That’s all any of us could want if we weren’t born with a silver spoon or compromised principles….does anyone believe they are getting a square deal and a sporting chance?

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Grant Wood

Grant Wood’s American Gothic was posed in front of…drum roll…a brothel…

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Think there’s a vicarious thrill by voters who elect these nasty regressives?

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I thought God did the judging…

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Without the will to fight, the belief that there are things worth fighting for, we will die anyway.

Rita Kramer

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Beliefs are temporary- to be discarded when you know the truth…

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cosmic joker

I’ve always thought it was ironic, comical, even the result of the big cosmic joker that we as spirits in the machine can’t seem to quite get why we are here in the physical world. Would seem that the bulb must burn very bright to remember such mundane things as reincarnation, loving thy neighbor as thyself and a million other possibilities. it Easy to Fill your Coffee Mug

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