You have to understand that the budget in 1960 was 100 billion dollars (Dubya’s was about 6 trillion) and half of today’s budget is just INTEREST. To pay for Vietnam the government had to borrow heavily. When Republicans (see think tanks) saw that economic prosperity was a result of Democratic post WWII policies, they decided to inject religion and racism and bigotry into the mix combined with “economic oppression” such as repeal of Glass Steagall. I am guessing but I say the next assault will be on the small business owner who righteously votes Republican and will see his business eaten and spit out under a mountain of debt. Of course, there’s always that few trillion dollars of Social Security Wall Street would like to get their grubby hands on and then the glorious workers’ paradise will be complete…

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Blacks are roughly 15% of the population and Civil Rights legislation was long overdue and should have been done strongly and enforced in 1865 instead of 1965.


Yep the right wing in the west is just like fundamentalist Islam…if it is different, shoot it, cut it’s head off or execute them… Everyone in the world needs to unite and see that toleration is what the world needs…

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If you understand history you’ll see that Johnson for example (and most politicians see legacy as their place in history) pushed for JFK’s civil rights and in turn he gave us the Vietnam War. Johnson’s lawyer was Brown of Brown and Root who was a big contractor in Vietnam. Each president, or so it seems, does something to appease Wall Street such as Obama’s TPP in order to get a policy passed (Obama Care). I don’t know how much a politician has to go “to be where Republicans stood in 1956.” The reason being is that politics is like a raft without a rudder in a whirlpool…politics is a game of distractions. You have to understand that the murder of JFK changed everything…politicians became intimidated…the underlying current of Operation Paperclip and the Cold War ensured that the USA would turn to the far right…and that’s not to even mention the founding fathers’ Constitution is a meant to keep the United States as a conservative nation…

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Flashback to 2012: “Why should collateral damage be solely the purview of the President? After all, he is considered to be the country’s ultimate role model. And why should Americans be surprised by an endemic violence problem when their role model, their foremost example of what one does with power, runs an assassination program directly from the White House?”


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“Frightened people do not want freedom, mental or physical. They want shelter, a definite set of rules. They want to be told what is good and bad. They seek out leaders— political, scientific, or religious— who will order their lives for them.”


I read all if not most of the Seth books in the 1970s. Whether someone channels another I suppose is not relevant if the material that comes out seems rational enough. Considering the babble that comes out of most religious texts, the Seth books are a breath of fresh air. The beauty of alternative “religious” material is that you don’t have to join, pay tithes or adhere to a rigid dogma. Truth is in context and relative to one’s understanding of the universe.

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