We should make every politician who votes against women’s choices to accompany them to the doctor…

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Why do we insist on electing politicians we would not let near our own daughters and sons?

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Real Truth should never conflict with one’s religion.


I’d like to believe that the differences between regressives and progressives is the belief in solutions. For regressives it appears that the sledgehammer approach to any problem is to crush it before it causes one to think.  Do progressives understand that when massive problems appear the solution is to deal with it directly, not blunt it to another excuse for inaction except to kill or destroy it?

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We have lost our moral compass in a society that tolerates priestly pederasty, the avarice of televangelists, the cupidity of politicians…Our spiritual lives have been canned for so long, we wouldn’t recognize “fresh” if it grew in our backyards.

Peter Levenda, Sinister Forces III

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In the USA usury laws were abolished under Reagan. Of course, he was a Christian, for usury is outlawed in the Bible as well as the Koran…

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The biggest thing stopping change is not the opposition but ourselves. Opponents of change are organized to the Nth degree. The venom spewed by regressives shows they are incapable of reasonable thought. Common sense dictates that if people are hungry they should be fed; jobless; then jobs should found and so on. Inaction based on some notion that people are not deserving is just another way of saying you are scum- from time immortal.

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Ismael Reed

The history of civilization is the history of warfare between secret societies.

Ismael Reed

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All of these “news items” are either from think tanks or intelligence agencies. Many people don’t understand the meme of influencing by propaganda designed to obfuscate truth or be a distraction…

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The climate in the United States is one of anti-intellectualism in every social class. The more you know you realize the less you know. However, opening up one’s mind in a world increasingly stuffed with information becomes a matter of choosing what and how you get your information. This requires a constant check of all that surrounds you and how it affects your life. Each of us has the power to change ourselves and those around you by being honest and truthful to oneself by not being coerced by paradigms that are worthless except as curiosities of the past…

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