cosmic joker

I’ve always thought it was ironic, comical, even the result of the big cosmic joker that we as spirits in the machine can’t seem to quite get why we are here in the physical world. Would seem that the bulb must burn very bright to remember such mundane things as reincarnation, loving thy neighbor as thyself and a million other possibilities. it Easy to Fill your Coffee Mug

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Thoughts Steiner

Not a big fan of Steiner since esoteric thought seems to me a hindrance as is organized religion to spiritual advancement..but at any rate this series of lectures has insights to our modern problems with economics. The interesting thing is that he says Imperialism started with kings as people viewed them as Gods. By the end of the Roman Empire this changed the king to a mere representative of God as was the Catholic Church. Given in 1920 in the lecture he concludes that the next Imperialism will be economics where secret societies (he says Masons) will manipulate the platitudes or the empty symbols of the God-King which is essentially modern capitalism.

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I don’t think there is a solution because neither side will bend what little principles they have left. Solutions require compromise, which effectively guts whatever reform is made. Movements are fueled by passion and frankly progressives seem bored, stunned or simply distracted. The right are the ones who vote…

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Karl Rove once was quoted as saying that by the time someone figures out something it’s too late. 

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