Having just finished Anthony Summer’s book on Hoover, I noticed that common to people such as Carnegie and Rockefeller, J. Edgar was an incessant bookkeeper not only of numbers but information. Dr. Harold Lief, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania observed Hoover showed the “….combination of narcissism and paranoia produces what is known as Authoritarian Personality. Hoover would have made a perfect high-level Nazi.” Restraints in the American system limited him to “persecute” individuals and small groups with virtually impunity. Lief said the Director of the FBI was a sociopath with a love of pornography with “…homosexual tendencies…” not to mention being a transvestite and pedophile, while condemning all in his public persona. Professor of Medical Psychology at Johns Hopkins University notes “…this sort of thing in. the..Vice Squad…who hang out in men’s toilets…to arrest other men, but make sure they get themselves serviced first.” Ain’t American democracy grand?