Someone posted a video from Alex’s Jones Infowars supposedly from a “feminist” who advocated “killing male babies.”
First of all, no “feminist” by definition would even think much less say such a thing. The woman in the video is no feminist.
Secondly, you could scour the earth and find someone who expresses an opinion that contradicts their seemingly stereotype.
Thirdly, Infowars could well have made a video by a so called “feminist” who was just a woman reading a script merely designed to cause controversy obviously because it fits the propaganda that Infowars wants to lay on the public.
And finally, one example of a video or written statement by someone who has no obvious political power hardly qualifies as representative. The first example would be this missive by myself. Unless a person who has a power base, such as a politician or corporate leader, says whatever surely that can dismissed as just ranting propaganda.
People don’t look to see where blatant propaganda comes from if we are lucky enough to have a named source. The whole idea of regressive propaganda such as Infowars or Brietbart is to influence or temper one’s views. The idea that a “feminist” or femnazi would want to kill male babies fits right into the genocidal nature of extreme rightwing views of just what they’d like to do to people other than their stereotypical WASP.
When extreme propaganda is disseminated through the media trying to discuss and dismiss it becomes a frustrating thing because someone somewhere will pass it on and some people will think that’s the way it is- when it’s not…