If you look at how small a margin the TrumpCare legislation passed the house- 219-217- should give progressives some hope that in 2018 the backlash will stop some of this Republican nonsense. That would also help to take back the senate as well.
I am not a big fan of the Democratic Casino Corporatists either so don’t think I am doing the lesser of two evils thing, rather we need to delay the agenda as much as we can until we can get some real progressives running for office. This unfortunately takes time and folks are going to have to get used to the fact that progressives’ agenda doesn’t happen overnight.
Many congress people and senators are getting pretty old and the more rancor the progressives promote many of these old farts will hopefully retire because they are tired of being harassed at every step they make.
That’s why it is also important to agitate for impeachment- that serves as a rallying cry and a distraction for our buffoons in congress. Demonstrations, strikes and protests are what is needed, which is why many states are trying to make it illegal to gather in protest.
The Republican strategy of blocking, delaying and introducing superfluous bills works because they realize politics is a game of putting off until tomorrow. It’s disappointing when I see people saying “do your job.” What are these people crazy? With the GOP’s agenda we should all want them to not do anything at all.

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