I’m currently binge watching Hill Street Blues on Hulu and am enjoying it immensely. In light of the current state of our police in general, the producers- even if Hollywood- give a view of police and community relations that may well be lacking these days. The Hill Street cops don’t go in with guns blazing at every traffic stop or hostage situation even if the perpetrator is armed- they try to negotiate and if they fail feel remorse. Since I have mostly lived in the country since 1975, rural cops don’t face the pressures that big city cops face- but that is no excuse to be the thugs that many seem to be. Back to the Hill Street series, it is funny without a laugh track (extra bonus for me), dramatic with a bit of schmaltz, often poignant and very well thought out for a weekly series. As an added bonus many of the guests went on to their own series or had parts in others. All in all, it’s worth viewing even if you have seen it before or even more so if you have never seen it. It ranks right up there with Barney Miller, LA Law and numerous other series that ran for more than 5 years. And without commercials it is a real joy. Each episode is 48 minutes, although early TV had 52 minutes, with today’s TV 42 minutes or less for an hour show.