There are three basic economies- 1) Wall Street and the use of government subsidies for the elites; 2) the lower economy that is self contained in the poor where limited money circulates; 3) The overlapping economy where the rich prey on the poor with big box stores, big oil and power companies and the use of local governments to extract taxes and user fees. Anyone with half a brain needs to understand that the more money that circulates- even if it is in the hands of the poor for seconds- the better the lifestyle of the lower classes. What we have seen is that at any one time the money supply is finite and concentrated in the hands of the elite bubble and never sees the light of day to the lower classes. Wall Street uses their control to extract even more money in fees on pension funds, bank accounts and insurance. The rest of the economy is limited by the infinitesimal amounts of money circulating at any given time which percentages are extracted by the elites daily. This is simply the libertarian model where profits are privatized and risks passed to the government and the people. This is not capitalism by any stretch of the imagination.