From your point of view and that simply is the problem- what choice do regressives have? However, we only have ourselves to blame from LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and so on as each one and their congresses have further tightened the noose until we are at the point where presidents are equally abhorrent to each party. And that has gotten worse since Citizens United decision by a conservative court. Conservatives hate the government but don’t recognize that corporations run the government but yet think corporations are their saviors – it’s a joke straight out of 1984. Conservatives have been running this country for almost 40 years and are able to blame all our problems on immigrants, China and the plethora of boogie men when congress gave the tax credits to corporations to move jobs out of the United States, run up the deficits to fight endless wars and give even more subsidies to corporations and regressives are so asleep they applaud- look at your pro-Trump websites- all you see is are posts like “Is Trump doing a good job?” No discussion of what he and the GOP actually advocate and are going to pass in the next four years. So I see the problem is that regressives and HRC supporters are actually proud of their ignorance- I don’t see it changing anytime soon- so yea, good luck buddy enjoy the pollution, enjoy having your retirement taken away, enjoy working for shit wages- you’ve earned it!